Mr Fly

Dear fly, 


I’m sorry for not engaging in our possible new relationship. 


I see now you were only looking for guidance within the darkness, you saw me as a glimpse of hope, I let you down. 


I did make jokes about you paying rent and you not having a right to co-exist in my space with your mates but now I’m alone again. 


I sure hope your next life treats you better and you stop seeking guidance from a place that can not help you. 


I hope you learn to remain still in the darkness and not to chase after every glimpse of light to save you. 


I hope and pray someday flies and humans can live side by side and not get mad at each other or try to fight one another. 


Come to think of it, you never fought me,  you just wanted to be close. 





Is a cover that we keep? 

Ur spirit

We are wrapped in. 

A decoration to hold in all within. 

We all have 

Covers, packs 


How can the wrapper 

Be worn down by the words of others, 

The feelings of others. 

Remember that skin is a wrapper this place would be so much easier. 

Cowskin or animal print 


Mixed with colors. 

Pattern, shapes form, 


You see what you want to see. 

I see messages from the world before like crystals we respect the purpose, 

The place, 

The trace of a time before now. 

A time before our skin was seen as a feeling.

I am a baby avocado 


Not sweet 

Not sour 

Not soft 


Just not ready


I am a hard seed 


Im not ready to face the world 

Not ready to be taken by the words you say or by the acts you show. 


I am a baby avocado so small just a seed 


Still in need of sun to grow.