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Hanwell Mona Lisa - 2021

Is it possible to create one piece of artwork to completely change the way people interact with the art world?

Early on during the pandemic artist Shantella Miller sort out to create only digital artwork after her continuous frustration with oil paintings, the mess, lack of space, and the lingering smell long after the painting had dried.

As a result, she head out with the pure intention of creating digital artwork which would result in zero wastage, room for mistakes, and overall better for her health.

hanwell mona lisa.jpg


Reality TV  2021 interview

Shantella discusses her reality of being an artist, Special educational needs teacher, and women.

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Mind-body - soul  Interview COMING SOON!

Art theraphy and wellbeing


Positively Black - 2019

Shantella shares her personal experiences as a Black woman living in the UK during this interview for the "Positively Black" Campaign in 2019.


Covid 19- Artist catch up 2020

Interview with fine art photographer Simrah Rias, Simrah is a West London-based artist and businesswoman who breaks cultural stereotypes. She is an inspiration to young Asian women looking to take an alternative approach to life. During her interview, she discusses topics such as, "dropping out of university, business management, and more".  


Covid 19 - Artist catch up

Interview with African German painter Aisha. 

Based in Paris Aisha speaks about her experience as a new artist on social media and what inspires her beautiful paintings.

Aisha creates work fueled by personal experiences and her ongoing experiences as a woman of mixed heritage. 


Magic carpet neurodiversity within the arts

At the "Magic Carpet," event in 2018 Shantella and other artists discuss the topic of Neurodiversity within the arts at Kings College London,UK.


"Labels are another form of control."
- Shantella

"I found my voice and will keep sharing."- Shantella

"Your truth today may not be your truth next year."

- Shantella

"Art is a language"- Shantella

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