A bit about Shantella


"Art should be accessible to all, no matter your culture, status, or mental and physical abilities." - Shantella 

Shantella is widely known as a multidisciplinary fine artist,model, and teacher based in London England.

Her drawings are often based on everyday interactions in the world, and how those interactions are reflected in different areas of life.

What she prominently observes is the connections between what is said in conversation, and how those ideas are relatable in the people of various cultures.

Her work has slight humour throughout, allowing the viewer to face society not from a literal perspective, but rather from a light-hearted approach.

Shantellas' hope is to create artwork that will invoke more in-depth conversations around areas such as; the environment, the female form, and its subjection by the public gaze, mental health and growing up in London.

She believes art can be made without harming the environment, and that this practice can be done simply by the careful choice of materials used.



Arts and entertainment Background

  • Director and artist, @artanddemind London. 2018 - present

  • Freelance Event and Front of House Duty Manager, Pizhanger gallery, London 2021

  • Community workshop facilitator,  London 2020- present

  • Multimedia lecturer, Ealing College, London.  2019

  • Head of art and design, Ambitious about Autism, London. 2015 - 2019 

  • Model for tv & film school, Iver academy/grease paint, Pinewood studios current agency Industry haus more 2009 -present

Exhibitions & residency  

  • Fade to black, artist residency "Digi art clash" Hanwell September - November 2021

  • Fade to black, "The art trail" London. September 2021

  • Creative Mile "thee blue period" Brentford. 2021 

  • Pitzhanger gallery, "This is Ealing" London. May- June 2021

  • Event assistant, "Best of Hounslow" community arts festival London. 2019

  • Yearly art exhibition, "Ambitious about Autism",  2014-2019 

  • "Footprints" community exhibition, Descendants London. 2013

  • '51'. Ambika P3, Baker Street, London. June 2013

  • ‘Instituted’ - Gallery West, Westminster University, London. December 2012

  • ‘Silverbond’ - London Gallery West, Harrow, London. May 2012

  • ‘Dog Chew’ - London Gallery West, Harrow, London. March 2012

  • ‘Last Minute’ - The Tent, Harrow, London. December 2011

  • ‘Success With Insects’ - The Tent, Harrow, London. May 2011

  • ‘Assange’   -  Old Gallery West, Harrow, London. December 2010

  • ‘Found Inspiration’ - Penny School Gallery, Kingston. June 2009







  • 200 hours Hatha Yoga TT, Rishikesh India, 2021- present

  • Art therapy, London: 2020

  • Therapeutic art life coach, London: 2020

  • Art and Madness, London: 2019

  • Art and Design Teaching qualification, London: 2019

  • Positive behavior support London, 2018

  • Supporting special educational needs within education - Autism level 2, London: 2018

  • Art Awards. Discovery and Explore, London:  2016

  • Spanish Level 1. Barcelona: 2015

  • BA Mixed Media Fine Arts, University of Westminster, London: 2010 - 2013

  • Foundation Degree in Art and Design, Kingston College, Kingston: 2008 - 2009

  • John Ruskin’s College, London: Fine Art, Graphics, Film Studies: 2007 - 2008

  • Gumley house convent school, Fine Art, Drama, psychology, ICT.


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